– Robin Sharma

Genre: Self Help, Fiction

The recent hit book of Robin Sharma has sparked great interest among millions of readers all over the world already. The writing of Sharma has contrasted with other similar books as this book has a story type structure to keep you engaged and connected with every chapter.

Sharma is a profound advocate that winning starts at our beginning itself. Our first few hours of the day shape us for the rest of our day. 

“Own your morning. Elevate your life.”

In a Glimpse 

The one habit that can change your life forever is waking up at 5 AM. Wondering how or why? This book answers that question better than anything else.

“Living the same week a few thousand times and calling it a life. I need to tell you that too many among us die at thirty and are buried at eighty.”

My thoughts 

The 5 AM Club has definitely been an eye-opening book for me in so many ways – the most obvious lesson I learned from this book is that I should wake up early in the morning. This book has prompted me to take immediate action as I have been waking up much earlier than I used to do before starting this book. 

The 5 AM Club contained many formulas and step by step guidance on personal growth. The one that gained my most interest was the 20/20/20 Formula. The formula divides the first hour of our morning into 3 equal structures and the activities that should be done in those chunks which will set up the perfect day for us. Applying this formula was boring at first but has given me great rewards now in the form of starting my day on a great note. 

The best thing about this book is the way Sharma has presented his idea and concepts. This book kept me highly engaged due to its intriguing story about three people. It is usually uncommon for motivational books to have such a novel type writing structure like this one. 

“Elite producers and everyday heroes understand that what you do each day matters far more than what you do once in a while.”

My recommendation 

This book had not only given me a lot to think about my morning routine, but also about my life as a whole. Sharma’s unique writing style had also kept me very interested in this book, and I’m sure you will feel something similar when you go through this book yourself. 

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